Orthopedic Sports Rehabilitation

     Injuries are part of our daily lives and in sports, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” the injury monster will attack.  As an injured athlete, your main goal is to return to playing the sport that you enjoy as an amateur or getting paid for as a professional. As a former amateur athlete and soldier, I have experienced the pain and agony of being on the injured side. The rehabilitation process for an injured athlete is slightly different from that of non-athlete. An injured athlete's long-range goal is to return to play whereas the non-athlete's long-range goal is to return to normal daily living actives. 

     Choosing to work with a clinician who has both the knowledge of soft tissue repair coupled with the biomechanical background of the sport and its physical demands on the body is optimal.  Basic rehabilitation is inadequate to prepare the body (as a whole) for the vigorous pounding athletes sustain during their sporting activities. Here at Ultra Sports we have some of the best clinicians who have a proven record of getting athletes back to play as quickly and safely as possible. Our team uses a diverse and dynamic approach to repairing soft tissue damage. Ultra-Sports is the “Rehab Joint” where all injured athletes should visit for treatment. Because we specialize in rehabilitating athletes, we are “second to none” in comparison to other rehabilitation clinics.


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